Breaking Down the Benefits of Cerakoting Your Firearm

In a overwhelming sea of all black firearms, Cerakote offers a nearly unlimited color pallet for customization. To say the process has taken the firearms industry by storm would be a bit of an understatement on our part. So, what is Cerakote? Cerakote is a thin-film ceramic application that is sprayed on and baked to harden. Cerakoting offers firearms enthusiasts an exceptional combination of protection, customization, and personalization options for their collection.

As a high-performance ceramic coating suitable for wood, polymers, plastics, and metals, Cerakote has quickly gained popularity for its ability to improve the longevity and functionality of firearms while allowing owners to add a personal touch. In this blog post, we’ll explore the key benefits of Cerakote that make it a top choice for gun owners and manufacturers alike. From protective properties and wide range of aesthetic finishes, there’s no doubt that cerakoting is revolutionizing the way we think about firearm maintenance and customization. Additional information about Cerakote can be found at their website

The Benefits of Cerakoting Your Firearm

For those asking themselves whether cerakoting is worth it, it’s important to think about it as a long-term investment in your firearm(s) and what you want them to look like. There are a wide variety of finishes and processes for firearms – see how they stack up against Cerakote. While we believe that factory finishes are likely to be the best, they are extremely limited in their options. Cerakote is the best option to give your gun that personal touch.


Cerakoting allows gun owners to express their individuality through a wide range of colors and finishes. With over 50 available colors, including Armor Black, Sangria, and camos, our selection of Cerakote enables enthusiasts to create custom designs that truly reflect their personal style. The versatility of Cerakote also allows for the creation of intricate patterns, such as themed designs, which can further enhance the uniqueness of a firearm.

This level of customization and personalization is particularly appealing to gun enthusiasts who want their firearms to stand out from the crowd. By choosing a distinctive Cerakote finish from Zaffiri Precision, owners can transform their guns into a one-of-a-kind piece that showcases their personality and interests. Moreover, the aesthetic appeal of Cerakote does not compromise its protective properties, ensuring that gun owners can enjoy both form and function in one innovative coating that is equal parts flashy and resistant to most solvents and chemicals. We like to think of it as a win-win for owners of guns like Glocks and Sigs.

To see more examples of the color selection and patterns we offer, head over to our Resource Center: Color Gallery. Once you’ve made your decision, you can choose from our pre-coated lineup or head over to our Custom Line shop to browse our selection of parts for Glock and Sig firearms, including Cerakote slides and more! 

Your Firearm’s Performance

The benefits of cerakoting your firearm go beyond its protective and aesthetic qualities, as it can also lead to improved performance and reliability of firearms. By reducing friction between moving parts, such as the slide and frame of a semi-automatic handgun, Cerakote can help ensure smoother operation and potentially minimize the risk of malfunctions. This reduction results in less wear on critical components, ultimately prolonging the lifespan of the firearm and maintaining its optimal performance.

Another noteworthy advantage of Cerakote is its impressive heat resistance (H-Series). Zaffiri Precision uses H-Series Cerakote on all of their slide finishes. Firearms, especially those used in rapid firing or sustained shooting scenarios, can generate significant heat that may affect their performance and durability. Cerakote’s H-Series coatings are designed to withstand high temperatures, providing a protective barrier (H9 Hardness) that shields the firearm’s surface from heat-induced damage. This heat resistance is particularly beneficial for firearms like rifles and machine guns, where heat buildup can impact accuracy and overall performance. Look here for more data on Cerakote’s H-Series Coating.


What does cerakoting a gun do?

Simply put, cerakoting your firearm helps shield it from the elements. Cerakote helps keep guns looking their best, reducing wear and tear over time and providing a protective layer that can withstand high temperatures, humidity, and many other environmental factors like salty air.

Is applying Cerakote difficult?

Hell yes it is. Zaffiri Precision is a Cerakote Certified Facility. Our coaters have been trained at the Cerakote facility. Cerakote is a thin film ceramic coating that is a spray on application using complex equipment, controlled environments, and training. Curious what goes into the process? Cerakote has some great training videos and manuals available. We encourage our customers to seek out Cerakote Certified applicators for their work if they don’t do it at Zaffiri Precision.

Is Cerakote for a gun worth it?

Cerakote is the absolute best option for finish customization. If you’re looking to restore, repair, or keep your gun in great condition for years to come it is also an excellent choice.