Shipping Questions:

That depends on what you ordered. Items like barrels, plates, parts, etc – all usually “process” within 3-5 business days (unless during a sale or holiday seasons and times will be posted – do not expect normal lead times).

Our slides are cut just waiting for you to choose color and optional optic cut. Generally the wait period on slides are 10-14 business days (single color) or 21+ business days (anything other than single color) before shipping.

PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS SUBJECT TO CHANGE and will likely be updated in the Checkout process.

Business days are Monday through Friday and do not include Saturday or Sunday or any National Holiday. 

All orders over $325 will receive Free Shipping (USPS Priority) otherwise an $12.00 charge will be added at checkout. 

We primarily use USPS Priority shipping.

We can ship to your USPS PO Box via USPS. We do not guarantee any timely delivery or provide any additional insurance to these deliveries. 

If you have box at a UPS Store or any other smaller mailing service business please use “Suite” or “Box#” instead of “PO Box”

Screws and Mounting Hardware:

MODELS: G17 / G19 / G19X / G45  / G26 / G34 / G17L / P320

Cover Plate: Same a Holosun: 4-40 x 1/4″ Flat Head Torx Drive
Trijicon RMR / SRO:
4-40 x 5/16″ Flat Head Torx Drive
Holosun 407c / 507c: 4-40 x 1/4″ Flat Head Torx Drive
Vortex Viper and Venom: 6-32 x 7/16″ Flat Head Torx Drive

4-40 screws torque spec: 5 in/lb // Blue Loctite may be required

MODELS: G43 / G43X / G48 / P365

Cover Plate: 6-32 x 5/16″ Flat Head Torx Drive
Holosun 407k / 507k: 6-32 x 7/16″ Flat Head Torx Drive
Shield RMSc: 6-32 x 7/16″ Button Head Torx Drive
Salvo SRC: 6-32 x 7/16″ Flat Head Torx Drive

6-32 screws torque spec: 12 in/lb

Glock Compatible Slide Questions:

We have all of current colors and patterns listed here: Cerakote Color Gallery

Zaffiri Precision recommends that all repairs, inspections, and function checks be done by a professional gunsmith.  Most of your local firearms dealers have a gunsmith.  If you have already visited your local gunsmith please have them contact us with photos and your Order #.

Please note that we cannot provide you with additional gunsmithing answers for your own safety. Do not use unsafe firearms. If your products have coating or manufacturing defects please contact us. 

Short answer: No

We do our testing with OEM factory weight Recoil Spring Assemblies (RSA) often referred to as a Guide Rod.

However, there are always exceptions! You may need a lighter pound rating spring if you are:

  • Using a compensator 
  • Using a suppressor
  • Combining a newly cerakoted slide with a new coated barrel and lubrication is not resolving mechanical friction drag.

No, we do not include or install a Channel Liner with any slide. 

Our Slide Parts Kits include a Channel Liner with the slides that require them (G43/43x/48 do not use Channel Liners).  Parts kits are available here: CLICK HERE

Glock has up to 5 different “Gen” slides.  For example a Glock 19 (G19) can be a Gen 1-5, and all are slightly different.  It is important to know exactly what Generation and Glock Model (G17 vs G19 for example) that you have before ordering! Most parts are not cross compatible. 

Glock 43 / Glock 43X / Glock 48 do not have different generations at this time.  They all use their own slightly smaller set of parts which does not include a Channel Liner. 

Sig P365 Slide Questions:

OLD STYLE (produced until 3/18/2021)
Sig P365 “OLD STYLE” Extractor slides have a crescent (moon) shape near the front of extractor cut by the breech face. This slide utilizes the “OLD STYLE” extractor that has a rounded (no hook) pivot point. 

Please note this slide is compatible with BOTH style of parts but works best with OLD STYLE extractors.  You may experience extraction issues with lower power ammo and new style extractor and it is recommend to use the OLD STYLE extractor. 

NEW STYLE (current)
Sig P365 “NEW STYLE” Extractor slides do NOT have a cutout crescent shape near the front of extractor cut by the breech face. This slide utilizes the “NEW STYLE” extractor that has a hook style pivot point.

Please note this slide is NOT compatible with OLD STYLE parts. You must use the NEW STYLE extractor,

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