Zaffiri Precision’s Guide for Essential Glock 19 Upgrades

Zaffiri Precision Glock 19 upgrades

The Glock 19 is one of the giants of the firearm industry, and it’s no wonder. Although it goes by different names, many organizations use it: the Army Special Forces, CIA, FBI, Marine Corps, and even the Navy Seals. While it’s used primarily due to its size, reliability, and capacity, modifications can be made to improve and personalize the look and performance of this renowned firearm. Here are a couple of Glock 19 upgrades we recommend choosing to enhance your experience with this gun, no matter the situation.

Top Aftermarket Parts for Your Glock 19

Replacement Barrels

Your barrel is the first thing you want to consider when making Glock 19 upgrades. Upgrading your Glock 19 with an aftermarket barrel can make for a better-fitting gun with improved alignment and shot accuracy. This is primarily due to higher tolerance and better materials.

Custom barrels are typically more durable than factory barrels too. Because these barrels are often made from materials such as stainless steel, the wear, and tear that typically hinders the gun’s performance is prevented. You can also customize the look and feel of your firearm by upgrading your Glock 19 barrel to fit your personal style.

Custom Slides

The slide is one of the most important parts of a gun. Upgrading your slide to include rear serrations, weight-reducing cuts, and improved rail systems can enhance the grip and optimize the slide cycling of your Glock 19.

These Glock 19 upgrades can also make your gun more compatible with other aftermarket optics and accessories, such as red dot sights or weapon-mounted lights. Due to the pre-milled nature of some slides, specific optics can be easily accommodated when mounting them onto your Glock 19.

Custom Triggers

Looking for a smoother, more consistent pull with your Glock 19 upgrades? Consider investing in a custom trigger. Along with the more personalized feel, custom triggers have a lean break and a shorter, more distinct reset. This can help you shoot more comfortably and with greater precision due to the better overall trigger feel.

Custom Modifications to Personalize Your Glock 19


Stippling is the process of coating the grip of your gun with polymer and using a soldering iron to create a more aggressive and textured surface on your Glock 19. Stippling your gun can prevent slipping and provide better control during shooting, especially in wet or sweaty conditions.

Stippling can also tailor the grip of your Glock 19 to your specific hand size and shape. A more comfortable and ergonomic hand grip can improve control, reduce fatigue, and make for a more enjoyable shooting experience.

Amazing custom stippling by ROCKET CITY STIPPING


Porting is the process of creating holes or vents in the barrel and slide of your Glock 19 to redirect the gases produced during firing. These holes counteract the upward motion of the gun and reduce recoil and muzzle flip. These Glock 19 upgrades can help you maintain better control over your firearm and achieve quicker follow-up shots while improving accuracy by more consistently keeping the sights on target.

Cerakote Coating

Cerakote is a thin-film, high-performance ceramic coating that provides exceptional protection against wear, corrosion, and abrasion to your firearm. By combining Cerakote coating with your Glock 19 upgrades, you can help your firearm stand out in the boring world of all-black guns and maintain its performance in various environmental conditions as well. 

The benefits of Cerakoting don’t end there. Cerakote is a deterrent against friction between moving parts on firearms. This can minimize the risk of malfunctions and create less wear on the gun, helping maintain its optimal performance for a longer period of time.

Cerakote is also heat resistant. Rapid-firing guns can produce significant heat that impacts their performance and durability. However, the heat-resistant properties of the Cerakote H-Series can protect guns in these situations from heat-induced damage. While this is typically beneficial for larger semi-automatic weapons, Glock 19 upgrades with Cerakote can still be suitable for handguns.

Choosing the Right Glock 19 Upgrades for Your Needs

Home Defense

When guns are needed for home defense, the situations that may occur will be low-light scenarios. That’s why upgrades like night sights can significantly improve target acquisition and accuracy. Tritium night sights or fiber optic sights are Glock 19 upgrades that can effectively align your sights and help you aim at potential threats in dimly lit environments.

In addition, a tactical light mounted on your Glock 19 can provide much-needed visibility in a home defense scenario. Remember to choose a high-quality, reliable light to help you identify potential threats and navigate your house in the dark, even in a high-stress situation. 

Competition Shooting

Some Glock 19 upgrades can also help you in competition shooting. Take extended controls, for example. Enhancements like slide stop levers, magazine releases, and slide releases can help speed up your reloads and manipulation of your Glock 19 during competition. These modifications make it easier to access and operate the controls under the time constraints and pressure of competitive shooting.

You could also invest in high-quality sights, such as adjustable target sights. These upgrades can improve target acquisition and accuracy in competition shooting. They also provide a clear and bright sight picture that quickly engages targets during fast-paced shooting events.

Finally, think about adding a flared magwell and extended base pads to your Glock 19 upgrades. These enhancements can speed up your reloads and improve consistency during competition shooting. A flared magwell guides the magazine into the grip, reducing the likelihood of fumbling during high-pressure reloads. Extended base pads also provide an additional grip surface, making it easier to seat the magazine securely.

Concealed Carry

With Glock 19 upgrades for concealed carry, it’s crucial to keep in mind low-profile controls such as slim slide-stop levers and low-profile magazine releases. Primarily, these upgrades reduce the overall width of your Glock 19 and minimize the chances of snagging on clothing during drawing. 

Along with low-profile controls, it’s important to consider your gun for its holster compatibility. Any added accessories such as lights, lasers, or extended controls must be compatible with your preferred concealed carry holster to maintain a secure and comfortable carry.

Alternatively, you can reduce the weight of your Glock 19 to make it more comfortable while carrying it for long periods of time. Try lighter slide or frame materials made of polymer or aluminum. These can reduce the weight of your firearm without sacrificing reliability or performance.

Investing in Your Glock 19, Investing in Your Passion

Making the right Glock 19 upgrades requires an investment in your gun, but there are options that won’t break the bank. To find more custom barrels and slides for your Glock 19, check out Zaffiri Precision, the industry leader in high-quality, precision-cut parts to build out and customize your personal armory.


What Glock do Navy SEALs use?

Navy SEALs predominantly use the Glock 19, a compact 9mm pistol, as their sidearm of choice. This versatile firearm has earned its place as a trusted partner for elite military operators due to its reliability and ease of handling.

Can you modify a Glock 19?

Yes, you can modify a Glock 19 to enhance its performance and aesthetics. Popular customizations include upgrading the barrel, slide, sights, trigger, stippling, porting, and applying Cerakote finishes for improved durability.

Why do Navy SEALs choose Glock 19?

Navy SEALs often opt for the Glock 19 due to its reliability, pinpoint accuracy, and lightweight design. Glock 19s are also easily maintained, making them a top choice for these elite operators.